About Us

Clay & Cotton is edgy, colorful & classic all in one…
There are no rules here. We have beautiful wall art, colorful area rugs, custom furniture, pillows & throws of all kinds. We are best known for our stylish, comfortable women’s clothing & accessories. We have timeless gifts for a hostess, wedding or new home. The ideas of quality, comfort & beauty are what guide us in our search for products. Come to Kirkwood and experience the colorful world of Clay & Cotton.

Our Home Decor Products

High-quality craftsmanship combined with functional beauty…
CCK strives to find things that we would use and be proud to have in our own homes. The home decor products we sell are durable, functional and made from high-quality materials. A critical aspect of what we do is to seek out products that offer aesthetic appeal as well as functionality. The items we offer tend to have an artist flair…a creative and fresh look… they must be beautiful, easy to use, ergonomic in its feel and efficient in its application… What we sell must be durable, beautiful & functional all in one.

Our Apparel

Fashionable, Stylish & Comfortable…
We can help find that perfect piece and offer sensible advice when trying to find that perfect fit. Our women’s clothing & accessories feature national & international designers like Jag Jeans, Comfy USA & FLAX

“…let your home & your wardrobe be your voice for your inner soul…”