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About Us

Women’s Apparel

We have items that are as simple as a great tee-shirt and as complex as a multi-textured dress! Our designers are from the United States, Israel & Japan as well as from parts in-between. We maintain a core group of designers whose work we love. We sprinkle in new finds with each season. The new designers for this season are listed below. We are here to help you find that perfect piece (or pieces!) to enhance and compliment you and your wardrobe.

We can help find that perfect piece and offer sensible advice when trying to find the perfect fit. Our women’s clothing & accessories feature national & international designers from around the world. Our clients want to be comfortable and look their best while being able to take on life’s daily tasks.

Home Decor

Eangee Collage of Lamps

Clay & Cotton Kirkwood strive to find things that we would use and be proud to have in our own homes. A critical aspect of what we do is to seek out products that offer high-quality materials, employee aesthetic appeal and design their products with both form & functionality in mind. The items we offer tend to have an artistic flair but are built with care using the highest grade of material available. All of our products must be beautiful, easy to use and efficient in its application.