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Claus Porto Soaps

Claus Porto Lize SoapClaus Porto Royal SoapClaus Porto Soaps. Sold by Clay & Cotton Kirkwood.Claus Porto SoapClaus Porto SoapClaus Porto SoapClaus Porto SoapClaus Porto SoapClaus Porto Soap
Founded in 1887 by two world-renowned chemists, Claus Porto is one of the oldest and most distinguished soap factory in Europe. The company first offered a line of soaps only afforded by the wealthiest people in Europe, times have changed and this soap has stood the test of time. They continue a legacy of using the highest-quality ingredients and milling methods to produce the most luxurious bath products available today.

The soaps are milled seven times for a rich, creamy lather. Milling is the process of mixing the soap and allows the fragrance to be distributed evenly throughout the soap bar. Claus Porto soap is dense and will not split or crack and they even float! Each soap is air-dried so that the soap bar dries, consistently, throughout.

Claus Porto soaps are the most sought after bar soap in the world. Claus Porto soaps are long-lasting and produce a rich lather and luxurious fragrance. Only the highest quality ingredients are used to make this the most sought after bar soap in the world. All the soaps are made of Coconut oil and Shea butter in order to help moisturize skin as they clean. The fragrances come from essential oils found locally near Claus Porto’s factory. Each bar produces a creamy lather with no filmy residue left on your skin. A wonderful gift for yourself or loved ones and a great addition to any guest bathroom.