Company C Area Rugs

Designs for Colorful Living

Clay & Cotton Kirkwood’s full offering of Company C Area Rugs will enhance our clients’ homes and lets everyone experience a life of colorful living. Company C is recognized for their use of saturated colors and over-scaled patterns in both accent rugs and room size rugs for outdoor use as well as for inside the home. Because of the bold colors and patterns, Clay & Cotton Kirkwood encourages taking educated risk when designing your home. Understanding the relationship between color, pattern. and texture is a big part of what makes Company C successful.

“One should start with an overall vision and direction in interior design… you should feel comfortable to experiment and test different combinations of patterns, color & textures before deciding on the final look. When it comes to color and design, it’s personal — especially when creating a space that you love and that truly reflects who you are.”

We are here to help, Clay & Cotton Kirkwood has a competent, courteous staff that is willing to help walk you through the process. We have samples & suggestions to keep your project on track. We offer samples to try in-home and an “on approval” program to make sure what you like looks good in the home before you buy. Stop into Clay & Cotton Kirkwood today for a free consultation.

Wool Area Rugs

Our vibrant collection of area rugs has all the right pieces to warm up any home and compliment any design style. Innovative materials and hand-crafted techniques allow for added dimensions of color and texture throughout the line. Click the image for more info and a closer look.

Jute & Bamboo Rugs

Naturally stronger than thin wool, jute is the perfect choice for all your interior high-traffic areas. Jute resists shedding and is the perfect pile density for any climate.

Indoor|Outdoor Hooked Rugs

These hooked rugs will brighten up any room indoors or out. Featuring gorgeous colors, great designs and easy-care to boot.  Easy-care means that you either spot clean with soap and water or hose off the rug when it becomes soi

led. Perfect for a covered porch or patio, mudroom, kitchen, bathroom or playroom. Made from 100% Polypropylene and are stain resistant and fade resistant.

Indoor|Outdoor Flatweave Rugs

These Flatweave rugs are a traditional alternative with a modern twist. The timeless patterns work well with the modern colors to create a perfect fit where a low door transitions or where heavy high volume foot traffic exists.