Butcher Block Tables

John Boos is one of the oldest manufacturers of premium quality food service equipment and butcher blocks in the U.S.A.  The Boos Co. has been in business continuously since 1887. It was Conrad Boos who first invented what would become the original Boos Block®. The original Boos Block was made from sycamore harvested from nearby forests, and processed in Boos’ sawmill and finished in his blacksmith shop.

“…My first exposure to John Boos & Co., was back in the 1960’s when my dad brought home a used Boos Block from the kitchen at his workplace. It was a magnificent Hard Rock maple block and is still in use in my kitchen today…”

That first block of sycamore, placed on three legs, absorbed the shock of this blacksmith’s hammer… It was a local butcher who saw and admired Conrad’s block and became intent on owning a block for his meat market for help in processing meat & poultry. The Boos family made and sold that first block to the local butcher, and took the Boos & Co. into its infancy. Over a century later, Boos still serves customers in the commercial markets as well as the homeowner.