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There is no “wrong” in art!

MB_DSC_2867Marianne has been an artist and teacher in the St. Louis area for over 30 years. She is well-known for her black & white graffito, as well as, her carved and hand-colored ceramic art.  Marianne’s sense of design is an eclectic blend of the contemporary with strong references to folk and prehistoric art. Her ideas are often influenced by her travels around the world and her love of patterns found in nature.

“…As an Artist, I am a fearless creator with a strong, energetic and positive force.  I love the process of starting from nothing and making something.  I call that Practice! My artwork and I are continually evolving.  The varied transitions in my work are born of the need to explore and learn more and more about everything around me…”

Marianne has been working with ceramics for many years making both functional and non-functional hand-built pieces. She has sold several of her pieces commercially to Walt Disney, Inc including a line of dinnerware and various other serving pieces in a number of their retail stores. She has also shown her work at juried art shows and fairs across the country.  Currently, she is working with re-purposed and up-cycled, felted fabric. Marianne shrinks the wool and other natural fibers then cuts and hand-sews the “new” pieces to create unique wearable accessories and soft-art sculptures for the wall or table. She continues to advance new ideas by re-purposing up-cycled materials. Her evolution from hard clay to soft, cozy, colorful, textured fabric was a no-brainer for her.

“…I enjoy the opportunity to re-invent that old sweater or scrap. I am challenged by it and try to take my artistic talents where I have never taken them before…”

As a working artist and a dedicated teacher, she helps others tap into their own inner artist and encourages them to experiment without being judged. Practicing again and again and experiencing the trial & error of your work can help lose your “fear of failure’.

“…I hope my love of life is obvious in my artwork and teaching!”

Below are samples of Marianne’s work. Some of the pieces have been sold & some have been replaced and reclaimed by Marianne. We invite you to visit the store to find your favorite.

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