Espion Woodworks

AdamWaltersAdam Walters is a master craftsman and is a self-taught artisan crafting fine furniture in St. Louis, MO.

One of my favorite childhood photos is of my Dad and I in 1987. He is measuring several boards and I’m standing next to him watching intently. My love affair with building started then at age 5.

What drives me as a craftsman is my deep appreciation for quality, artistry, originality and old-school techniques. The first piece of furniture I ever built was in high school shop class; a hope chest, which I still have today. I loved the process of designing, building, and seeing an idea develop into something tangible. I loved that I could start with a boring piece of lumber and transform it into something not only beautiful but functional as well.

After high school, with the well-intentioned advice of elders, I graduated with a Business Management degree from The University of Missouri-Columbia. Not once did I think to follow this love I had quite an affinity for. I worked unfulfilling jobs for several years until one actually led me to an amazing girl. She too had another passion; painting. As a ploy to spend time with her, I asked her to paint a mural at my house. While spending time with her, I watched her do what she loves and my passion for building returned. She encouraged me to go for it. Now, I do what I love and she is my fiancé.

I spent nearly 3 years studying techniques, practicing, mastering each skill one at a time. As I built more pieces and refined my skills, I quickly came to find the only part of the furniture industry I had any desire to be a part of was handmade fine furniture. The precision, detail, superb quality, and authenticity all align perfectly with what I aspire to create. After working in furniture repair, it became painfully apparent that there is nothing interesting about warehouse-store furniture. It’s cheaply made, terribly over-priced and your neighbor has the same one. I wanted to give people an alternative, a product they could enjoy. Thus, Espion Woodworks was born.