Up Country Collars

UC_park-collectionWhen Up Country began in 1984, the only dog collars available were plain, colorless, drab made in honor of utility not style. Up Country pet gifts give your pet a sense of pride. The quality & craftsmanship of the collars & leads have become their defining hallmark. Up Country’s collars & leads are hand sewn, pressed and finished with care and made in the USA.

Up Country collars & leads are made with solid brass hardware and high tensile strength nylon webbing that will hold dogs up to 80 pounds. All leads have decorative ribbon on both sides! All Up Country leads have matching collars to complete the Up Country look. Our ribbons are stain and fray resistant; designed to last a lifetime. All collar and lead hardware is cast, not welded brass for extra strength. Our buckles have been strength tested and are approved for heavy-duty use. Machine wash cold on gentle cycle. Air dry. Proudly made in the U.S.A. All collars & leads.