We strive to stay outside the “bell-curve” when choosing the jewelry that we sell. This fact pushes us to find local & regional artists that produce one-of-a-kind pieces or unique designs or shapes. Our mission at Clay & Cotton is to help promote & market these local artists who otherwise may be overlooked or under appreciated.

Whether it is a local artist or one of our larger vendors, our decisions will be based on the  background of the company or artist, the uniqueness of design, the types of materials used, the quality & provenance of the piece. When you purchase jewelry from Clay & Cotton, you can help your local artist or quality manufacturer thrive and continue to create.

Local StL Jewelers

Saint Louis, Missouri’s finest jewelry-makers can be found in Kirkwood at Clay & Cotton. We give them a chance to show what they lovc and are passionate about. Some take a more business like approach that others, but their goals of exposure of their talents & success in each of their product’s appeal are the common thread.

Sari NeudorfLinda Vanover